een Qvilt is dubbelzijdig te gebruiken


The ‘classic’ Qvilt! These floor and wall rugs are made of 100% Merino wool felt and naturally exude a luxurious appearance.



The 100% Merino wool felt of the Pure & Design rugs is available in many beautiful colors as well as lovely natural and gray tones. By combining different colored Qvilt elements, which function like very large pixels interlocking/interweaving with each other, infinite design possibilities emerge. Fields, patterns, edges, and even color gradients are possible.

However, by keeping the design simple and calm, you emphasize the natural structure of the Qvilt rugs. The possibilities are endless, but often simplicity is the most beautiful choice.


een Qvilt is dubbelzijdig te gebruiken
een Qvilt is dubbelzijdig te gebruiken


Wool felt is the oldest form of textile. It is made by felting the fibers of sheep’s wool together. This can be achieved with water, soap, and friction.

Sheep’s wool has a luxurious appearance and unique acoustic properties that enhance living and working comfort. It is naturally dirt-repellent, fire-resistant, and flame-retardant. It is biodegradable and recyclable.



The wool felt used in the Pure & Design rugs is sturdy and compact, making these rugs suitable for use as floor rugs. However, they are also stunning when used on the wall to improve acoustics. Imagine a wall rug that extends onto the floor or vice versa, a floor rug hanging on the wall. The possibilities are endless.


een Qvilt is dubbelzijdig te gebruiken