Qvilt Natural&Robust is made from reinforced felt sourced from rugged Austrian mountain sheep. It is available in four natural shades: wool white, cream gray, light gray, and gray. These colors are achieved by blending the wool from white sheep with that of black sheep. Clever!



Needle felting is achieved by mechanically “needling” dry pieces of wool. Using triangular needles with barbs, the wool fibers are interlocked to create a strong whole.

In addition to sheep’s wool, many materials can be mechanically felted, such as the commonly used PET felt. I exclusively work with wool felt!

Sheep’s wool has a luxurious appearance and unique acoustic properties that enhance living and working comfort. It is naturally dirt-repellent, fire-resistant, and flame-retardant. It is biodegradable and recyclable.


QVILT pure, green 100% wool felt in a square pattern with folded edge.
wandkleed in expositie in den vreemde, stadsmuseum woerden
naturel&stoer wandkleed boven eettafel ter akoestiek verbetering