corner detail foto of my wool felt rug
interior with a gray wool felt rug
carpet detail foto
interior with barber chair
detail photo of a QVILT tough corner with a cutted edge.


We live in a hectic and rapidly changing time. By using natural soft materials and a minimalist graphic design, I bring peace to an interior with my rugs, both visually and acoustically.

My Qvilt rugs are handmade from wool felt. A Qvilt is unique because of the innovative way in which the modular elements connect with each other. Each Qvilt is a true work of art, pure and minimalist with a luxurious look.

Because of the pattern that is created after connecting the separate felt elements, the rug is reminiscent of a quilt. The Dutch name for felt is ‘vilt’, hence the name Qvilt..


Qvilt rugs are created with large scale patterns or monotone colors which emphasize the unique structure and texture of the rug.

The ‘Pure & Design’ series’ is made from 100% Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand, which is available in a range of colors and in natural shades.

For the ‘Tough & Natural’ series’ I use felt from Austrian mountain sheep. This felt is available in six natural shades and has an almost rough look and feel.

And for my ‘industrial & Acoustic’ series I use extremely thick industrial dark gray felt. This gives this rug its bold texture.

QVILT pure, green 100% wool felt in a square pattern with folded edge.
Qvilt wool felt carpet in a modern interior


The contemporary Qvilt rugs are great in modern and classical interiors. They add texture and warmth to any room. What about a Qvilt in your home?

Qvilt has an industrial feel that meets up with the organic way the elements interlock. Or does Qvilt feel organic with an industrial touch? Anyway: I love it!

Each rug is made-to-order in size, color and design required. Please contact me for more information.


The Qvilt rugs are designed, cut and assembled by hand in my studio in Woerden.

My love for natural materials, simplicity, repetitive patterns and texture has led to the development of Qvilt.

I hope your next rug will be a Qvilt!


QVILT rugged, 2 tone pattern
detail Qvilt Rugged


Wool felt is the oldest form of textile. It is made by tangling the fibers of the sheep’s wool together.
This can be done with water, soap and liberation or by “needling” it by machine. Besides sheep wool, many materials can be felted by machine. Like the currently widely used PET felt (made from plastic bottles).

I only use wool felt!

Because sheep wool is biodegradable and recyclable. It is naturally dirt-resistant, fire-resistant and flame-retardant. Has a luxurious appearance and unique acoustic properties that improve living comfort.